One Skirt, Three Ways: A Very Halloween Special!

5:46 PM

Halloween is on MONDAY, guys! Monday! Where did the time go? 

And if you're anything like me, you have put costume shopping off until the.last.minute. And now everything is gone and you have two parties this weekend...or is that just me?? 

But just wait! 

I decided to throw together this costume post for last-second Halloweeners like me with pieces from my own closet! Even better? I'm giving you THREE ideas based on ONE piece!! So even if you do have more than one party, you can go as TWO different things only by changing out your top half and a few accessories! 

Special bonus: All of these looks ARE office-appropriate. So if work lets you dress up, but you've got a dress code, you're all good here!

Start with a black A-line skirt, similar to this one, black tights, and black heeled booties similar to these, and away we go!! 

#1: Witchy Woman

Okay, okay, so we all know we can do a witch look. But there's ways to make it fun!! Instead of picking up a cape at a Halloween store, try pulling out your favorite capelet or capelet blazer like this one! Paired with a simple black top, fun jewels, and a bottle of "witch's brew" (here, water with orange food coloring in a vase) to push it to the next level. 

#2: Parisian Chic

Okay, so no lie, I put this on and I kind of wanted to wear it in everyday life!! But the world's easiest Parisian costume comes along when you pair a striped top and beret together with a cat eye and red lip!! If you've got a coordinating neck scarf, you can add that too and look Paris chic-baguette totally optional (but always a good idea). 

#3: Cat Burglar 

This is a pretty simple one to put together, but clever and comfy!!

To achieve this look, I simply put on a black turtleneck sweater and a beanie, then layered a headband I made with cat ears on top (but you could totally get away with doing store-bought ears that are on an elastic band or headband, too! Bonus points for a tote bag to steal away the treasure (aka all the candy you can get away with taking from the party)-if you have time, you can even add card stock letters or a dollar sign glued/taped on a canvas tote.

Got any good last second ideas? Leave 'em in the comments below!

And happy Halloween!



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