Rainbow in the Dark

3:43 PM

dress | jacket | vintage scarf (similar scarf) | necklace | vintage boots (similar here) | statement clutch

It's the weekend, guys. Thank goodness.

I'm a little more subdued this week, I can't lie to you. Normally I'm as cheerful as I was in these photos-bright, smiling, happy, full of hope about the future. But this week it's a little tougher. Living in a world where you openly state your status as an LGBT woman, the election made this week, and the next four years, a lot harder and scarier than I thought living in this country would be. 

In spite of my fears for my safety, and the safety of my friends, I stepped out on Thursday night and went to a rally in Baltimore. I've seen a lot of controversy about the rallies going on across the country, talking about how the people are "thugs" and that they're engaging in violence. I can state from my experience that no violence happened, it was peaceful, and it felt GOOD. For the first time, I felt like I was taking some power back and I could feel happy again, even if just for a night. 

I realize this is a fashion blog, but you all should know by now that I don't hold back about talking about myself, and sharing my real thoughts. Sometimes fashion comes second to real life, and this time in our country is one of them. So be prepared for this to get a little more political. 

That being said, in spite of all the bad things that have happened this week, and the sadness, sometimes there's a ray of hope. This outfit was a look I wore on a first date, a really fun first date that made me happy. I got to spend time with one of my dearest blogger friends shooting this look in Graffiti Alley, a center for art, creativity, and expression in my favorite city in the world. I have received so much support and love from all of you. I have much to be grateful for.



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