Workwear Wednesday: Sweater Weather

7:58 PM

similar sweater | similar skirt | pumps | vintage brooch (similar here)

Welcome to the first edition of Workwear Wednesday!

Crazy that this is the FIRST edition, considering that I'm in workwear for about 70% of my life...what can I say, I didn't think about the fact that other people work too and might want to see some more professional pieces. (I may be on the verge of being a lawyer now, but nobody said I was smart.)

As fall goes into full swing, most of us want to get cozied up in sweaters and forget the professional wear altogether. But who says that you can't be swaddled in a soft sweater AND be professional at once?

Here are a couple of keys to making the sweater look work:

1. A fitted sweater is key. As much as I'd love to encourage you to put on your slouchy knits and giant sweaters and prance into work, I can't. If your office lets you, go for it. But for those of us doing business professional, fitted is key to keeping it professional. 
2. Tuck it in. When you pair a sweater with a skirt for work, please, please, please tuck it in! Wearing it untucked with a pencil skirt just reads sloppy. The rules are a little more flexible for pants, but in an outfit like the one above, tucking is necessary for a polished effect.
3. Pair it with a professional, coordinated bottom. On a general note, your skirt should fall at or just above the knee (no minis!). I'd suggest either pairing a bright sweater with a neutral bottom or, if you're lucky and find a patterned skirt that matches your sweater, then pair them together!! 
4. Fun accessories can make it. Your sweater and skirt set isn't complete without a few sweet accessories! Here, I paired my sweater and skirt with octagonal earrings and a vintage leaf brooch. Feel free to pick (modest) accessories that are fitting to your personality! 
5. Finish it with a neutral shoe. Neutral shoes are easy and fit perfectly with the look you've just put together, especially if you're wearing a bright sweater! These heels from Target have been with me for two seasons now and they're the perfect finish for this look.

Do you want to see more of these types of posts? What would you want to see next? Let me know in the comments below!



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