Holiday Gift Guide Under $50: For Your Gal Pals!

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1. Golden sun mirror from H&M ($35)-Got a gal pal who's totally into home decor? This sun mirror is bright, chic, and trendy without looking dated! I love the matte finish and its small size ensures it can fit anywhere on your girl's wall. I'm thinking of buying one for myself to put next to my wall of jewelry, but it's perfect for anywhere in the house.

2. Lariat necklace from Baublebar ($36)-Chokers and lariat necklaces are super trendy right now, and what girl wouldn't love this trendy necklace from Baublebar? The ends are finished off with pretty gold tassels, ensuring that your lariat won't fray or fall apart easily. It comes in black, gray, light pink, and nude, so there's lots of options to share with your friends!

3. Prosecco Rose candle from Voluspa ($9)-This candle smells DIVINE. It is light, bubbly, and subtle, perfect for that gal in your life who wants to smell her house to smell like her fave bubbly wine without ACTUALLY smelling like she's been drinking it all afternoon. Bonus? Their coconut wax-based candles double as solid perfumes! I wear this one and their Crane Flower scent regularly.  This single size is super cheap and their double wick is still only $17!

4. Kira Confetti Druzy Ring from Wrenn Jewelry ($32)-I have long been an admirer of Wrenn Jewelry's exquisite and affordable druzy pieces, and this ring is no exception!! It works perfectly with any outfit and comes in trendy + beautiful rose gold. Each piece is handcrafted AND is a Baltimore-owend business. So many reasons to buy!

5. Plaid Blanket Scarf from Old Navy ($23)-What basic girl doesn't want a blanket scarf these days?? Old Navy's scarf is super warm and cozy for all those days when you literally just want to cover yourself with a blanket. I have the black and white windowpane version and it is beyond snuggly, but this green plaid version is perfectly festive for a Christmas gift!

6. Oy with the Poodles Already! mug from The Trendy Sparrow ($17)-With the Gilmore Girls revival now out on Netflix, your fave girls have probably binged it once (guilty) and might even go back for a full viewing of the show (guilty again). Why not gift them with this perfect GG mug to fill with coffee coffee coffee (or cocoa or tea, I guess, if you're into that)? The Trendy Sparrow is a booming small business and I love my Gilmore Girls travel mug I bought from them earlier this year.

7. Santasaurus Bubble Bar ($9) and Luxury Lush Pud ($8) from Lush-Lush is always full of delightful-smelling bath products year-round, but they really step up the game with adorable products around the holidays. I mean, look at that T-Rex bubble bar! LOOK AT IT. How cute is that?? They have so many options, all of them under $50, and every single one is handmade and cruelty-free.

8. Asteroid Wire Ornaments from CB2 ($3/each)-Are any of your friends as obsessed with Christmas decorating as I am? Seriously, for some people, it's like an Olympic sport. If you know anyone like that, these pretty ornaments fit the bill perfectly (and are super duper inexpensive)! They come in these two colors plus a shiny red one. They're modern, minimal, and fun and will look perfect sparkling alongside some multicolored lights.

9. Capture Your Style by Aimee Song ($13)-OMG YOU GUYS. If your friends love/use Instagram ever, at all, this is a perfect gift for them!! This is especially true if you're like me and a lot of your friends are bloggers. If you know anything about Aimee Song, you'll understand why this book is invaluable. If you don't, Aimee Song is the mastermind behind Instagram account @songofstyle, which has 4.1 million followers and counting. Her feed is perfectly put together, coordinated, and chic, and her book tells you how to achieve the same thing. It's broken down easily into manageable sections that will teach you about considering your feed as a grid, coloring, post timing, and more. It's less than $15 on Amazon, so go get it!

10. Pine the Apple print from pntd-prnts (8.5 x 11, $15; 11 x 17, $25)-You've already seen my love affair with PNTD PRNTS already from my post last week with their Girl Screaming tank (which would make an amazing gift too, btw), but today I'm showing you one of their many gorgeous prints!! Pineapple prints are super trendy right now, and did you know that pineapples were a part of holiday decorations in colonial Williamsburg? (Yes, I'm a nerd. Deal.) The proprietor of PNTD PRNTS, Cait, is a small business owner local to Baltimore and supporting local business is awesome!

11. Girls Pennant Pin ($10) and Heart Lolli Pin ($10) pin from Tuesday Bassen-Got a trendy girl in your life who loves pins? Tuesday Bassen has some of the best out there!! I recently got the Juicy Pear Pin from Tuesday Bassen and I. love. it. I put it on my fave utility jacket and it looks super cute with my eclectic collection of Baltimore pins. Tuesday Bassen is owned and all pieces are designed by illustrator Tuesday Bassen. Bonus points: 10% of all sales of the "Girls Pennant Pin" go to support charities that help young girls explore art, and I know I'm all about that.

12. Feeling Myself tote from Tees in the Trap ($25)-This bag is the bomb!! I constantly use this bag for weekend trips, blog photography outings if I'm shooting more than one look, and more! There is a huge amount of space in this bag and it is quality, sturdy fabric. I love this thing, and the girl-power message is definitely worth sharing with your gal pals this holiday!! I'm a brand ambassador for Tees in the Trap, so it may seem like my opinion is biased, but I can honestly say becoming an ambassador brought my attention to this amazing brand and I love everything about them.

What gifts are you buying your lady friends this year?? Let me know in the comments below!



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