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4:40 PM

Happy Hump Day,  everybody!! 

This weather has been doing its own thing lately and I can't figure out what to wear! Anyone else? With highs in the 80s this week, it's been a whole lot less like fall and a lot more like...August. Fall come back!

Fortunately, this look is one with a few layers, so you can peel this trench right off, ditch the tights, and go with the tee, skirt and boots solo! 

But then the question is...why would you want to ditch this trench???

A classic trench is essential to every woman's wardrobe, but especially for the working girl-it's a professional layering piece you'll wear to the office again and again. This one I picked up at the New York and Company Outlet for $59. As it turns out, New York & Company is selling their classic trench for the SAME price right now at their regular store...what???? So go snap it up!! 

The rest of this look is pure weekend casual. 

This NASA t-shirt was a whimsical and sentimental purchase-if you saw my post a few days on Instagram, you'll know my dad was a NASA engineer for most of my life and instilled me with a love of all things space (including all the merchandising, haha)! It's so soft and has that great vintage feel. Who cares if it was cut for the boys?? It's perfect for fun looks like this or for your weekend lounging!

I've owned this leather-look skirt for a few years now and it's very soft with that perfect and flattering A-line pouf for those moments when your belly isn't being so cooperative! ;) Pairing with control-top tights and little suede booties makes this a fun fall look that you'll want to wear to brunch and beyond!

What are you putting in the rotation with this warm fall weather? What classics are a must-have for you? Tell me more below! 



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