November's Instagram Favorites!

2:31 PM

Y'all. It's December. 

I love December. I'm not a fan of cold and all, but I love Christmas and my birthday and spending time with family and friends. LOVE ALL OF THE THINGS. This is a month where I'm going to talk about treats and festive party outfits--we'll even celebrating the blog's half birthday!! 

But before we move on, let's take a look back, shall we?

For November, we'll be looking back at the top rated looks from Instagram--the ones that my followers liked the most! I will note that for the first time ever, all of the looks on November's top five got over 30 likes apiece (which is AWESOME)! Let's count down the top five looks from least to most popular...

5) This professional + pink combo. (32 likes) 

I love this look because it's simple and sweet--but a real eye-catcher and the kind of look that shows you have personality. I love layering patterns (and pattern mixing in general), and this look was the professional equivalent of my daily wear. 

4) This weekend sparkly sweater look. (35 likes) 

Sometimes you just want to wear a sparkle sweater. This look was easy to put together and comfortable, but a quick cuff of the jeans, some silver threads in a gray sweater, and a bright lip took it to a whole other level. Just the kind of thing a girl can wear to the grocery store and still feel perfectly pretty. 

3) This morning after party faux leather and glasses combo. (35 likes) 

This faux-leather jacket has become my new favorite thing. It's warm and buttery soft and looks great with everything. It especially looks great with this neutral top, jeans and leopard shoes--just the way to go when you're feeling sleepy after a fun night out with your friends.

2) This layered jeans-and-plaid weekend look. (37 likes) 

Gotta study? Still want to look chic? Take some notes on this easy combo. An old cozy turtleneck plus a plaid flannel & sparkle collar over a simple pair of jeans and vintage boots is an easy way to cozy up while digging into the books.

1) This bold plaid skirt and chambray shirt combo. (42 likes) 

My first 40+ likes look was one of my very favorites I think I've ever worn on the blog. This skirt was the best find I think I've gotten at a swap sale (which means it was FREE). I took a risk with this one. I saw it and wondered how I would wear it--but my instincts told me to take it. For its first wear, I did a simple combo--combined with chambray and a cozy snood scarf, it was comfortable and warm enough for a day of shopping with a dear friend! 

I look forward to December (and maybe a 50+ like photo?) and all the fun we're going to have!! Thanks for all the love and support so far!



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