#festivefriday: Merry and Bright

8:50 PM

Hi hello!

Can you believe Christmas has come and gone again?! It seems it flies by faster every year. Before you know it it'll be Christmas 2015 and we'll be wondering where it all went again! 

But for now, let's talk about New Year's Eve! 

New Year's is a time to sparkle and shine; a time to look back on the year before with fondness, and look to the year ahead with excitement and hope. It's a time to drink champagne, dance and share laughter with people we love.

This look is what I'd wear if I was doing a casual night with the gals at home or a low-key place (I wore it for my birthday at a piano bar). It's got a fun mix of fabrics and textures--leather (pleather) leggings, sequins, and chambray--and it looks fun without being uncomfortable. Since it's a fun night, it's perfectly acceptable to throw on extra sparkle in your jewelry PLUS some neon PLUS bright lipstick. I know. Right?! But go crazy. You're going to have fun!! Just do it! Start the new year with a bang, and be the brightest, shiniest version of you. 



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