The (Last) Weekend Report: Finding Inspiration

8:55 AM

Hello and welcome back!!

I was looking over the blog this weekend and realized my content has been lacking of late. A part of it, I'm assuming, is finals. A part of it is family events (like the big ol' wedding I attended over Thanksgiving). A third part is probably the fact that I'm typing 98% of my posts from my Blogger app on my phone. 

But mostly I think it's that I've hit a mini slump. I'm a little uninspired during the month of December because I'm usually dressed for comfort during finals. Then it's cold and let's face it: while my fall fashion game is aces, I'm a little confused still about what to wear when it's 30 degrees out. For a high. In Texas that's called "stay inside the house in your pj's because school and work are cancelled" weather. 

So starting now, I'm going to work a little harder to make this more interesting to read. You with me? Let's roll!

This outfit is a certifiable Texas late fall/early winter look. It's still 60-75 degrees for a high, and therefore the pairing of tights and a light scarf with a summer dress isn't all that weird. You can even stand outside sans jacket in this ensemble. You won't even freeze to death. (Weird, right?) 

This dress is still one of my favorites. It stands through all seasons. In another month I could put a turtleneck under it and make it a true winter outfit. It goes from zoo casual to business casual with the toss of a blazer. In short, it is the best $30 investment I have made (thanks LOFT Outlet stores!). 

The boots you probably recognize--this season they've been on the blog at least once a week. They're so simple, but so chic. The chunky heel makes a statement and I love that. 

And that pleather jacket?? Yup, the same one I bought almost a month ago. I took it to Texas as my only jacket and it went with all of the things. It's soft, it's warm, and it's got such a classy shape; for $16 it was the most amazing thing I could have found. 

Add tights and a six year old floral scarf from Old Navy and I was ready to see my favorite baby in the world!! 



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