Beauty Tuesday: Garnier Color Styler

9:52 AM

Welcome to my first ever beauty review!

So recently I decided that I was bored with my hair and wanted to try something different. One problem: I didn't want to do anything that would look unprofessional for the job interview I had yesterday or for court in January, which meant I needed something temporary. But the last time I tried temporary--a "ten shampoo" dye--the chocolate color turned my hair nearly black and lasted for nearly eight months. Yikes. 

So I was excited when I saw this product in People Style Watch a couple months ago. I thought it the perfect compromise--three shampoos would be a weekend and done! I picked it up to play with for my birthday party.

The first thing to note is that it's different from standard dyes in that it's applied dry AND you let it dry--no washing (presumably because you would wash it out). It also only coats the outside of your strands instead of actually dyeing them. 

A slight problem: you have to pre-style before applying if you want straight hair, because shine serums/argon oil-type products will take the dye off your hair. This means you kind of have to "go with" however the texture dries. For me, that meant my already thick hair got more coarse--almost impassible by a hair brush--and there wasn't a lot I could do. It also stayed that way until the product washed out, which was a pain. (I think it might work better on thinner hair.) 

The product is pretty easy to apply. I chose to do what they call the "tie dye" effect, but would typically called ombré; so all I had to do was slap on the gloves provided in the box, shake the dye, and pour into my hands; then I just grabbed the hair where I wanted the effect to start and slide down. It took a LOT for the bronze to show up on my hair, but after drying I liked the look of it a lot. 

It was still kinda hard to notice...maybe redheads aren't supposed to want to dye their hair? In any event, most of my friends noticed my hair was "different" but couldn't pin why. Below are before and afters for reference. 

My biggest pet peeve with this product it that it promises on the box NOT to rub off on clothing once dry. I dyed and dried my hair at 10:30 in the morning and didn't put on my going out outfit until around 3 in the afternoon. But...this happened. 

Very upsetting. 

So my take? I like the color, and that it was truly temporary; but I think the formula could use some work to make it both temporary on hair and NOT leave it on my clothes. I probably won't use it again unless I don't care about the clothes I'm wearing. (But I may dye my hair like this for real over the summer!)



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  1. I really like that color! If you want a natural looking color, try dyeing with henna. I think you can find a range of colors at Indian stores, but I'm also pretty sure that Lush Cosmetics makes that exact color. It's about $25 for a large brick. For your hair length you would probably need about half a brick, at most. Mine took a whole one. It conditions your hair too so it comes out super super soft. Lasts for about two months, and then very gradually fades out so it's not super noticeable.


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