2017 Resolutions: Yes, They're Finally Here!

6:07 PM

Happy weekend, guys!! 

So yes, I know. It's January 14th and I'm just now getting around to writing out my resolutions. I usually do a variance on one of these puppies every year (see 2016's here and 2015's here), and I try to get them done earlier. Buuuuuut travel photos and training and such have kind of put me behind. So hey, at least I'm doing some this year, right? 

As a general rule, I've found that New Year's resolutions don't mean a whole lot unless you 1) truly are ready to implement them; and 2) work hard to make sure they get done. As much as I want to put down that 2017 is the year that #healthyliving becomes my thing, I know that it probably won't. Sure, I'll work harder to take better care of myself in general, but drinking only green smoothies and going to the gym for intense cardio sessions? Probs not going to happen.

This year I'm working harder at the resolutions I do have, because I want them and I'm at a place in my life where I'm more able to achieve them. So what are they? Let me share!

1. Be more intentional with staying in touch with family and friends. I'm the worst about this, or rather I have been. It's hard not to get wrapped up in having full time school, part time work, three student orgs, and a blog and then forgetting to call your friends on the reg. But now that I'm (slightly) less busy, I feel like it's important to remember to stay grounded and actually reach out to people. Whether that's letters, phone calls, Skype, texts, or carrier pigeons, I want to work much harder at being a good daughter/sister/aunt/friend than I have since I started law school.

2. Hustle harder on the blog (but remain true to my vision). I've gotten a LOT of opportunities in 2016 for this blog. But I want 2017 to be a more productive year with even more opportunities. I'm surrounded by some amazing, inspiring women in the blogosphere, and I admire their hustle so completely! But more importantly, I want to hustle harder AND remain true to myself. I don't want this blog to become one big walking advertisement. I'm still the girl who buys thrift, shops clearance sales, and only owns one pair of functioning black high heels. It's not about to change now, nor do I want it to. 

3. Travel more. Being in law school and on a tight budget cut back on my traveling time, but there was a period in my life where I took trips and went new places every 3-4 months. This year I'm working hard to bring that back! I've already been to Nashville, I'm headed to New York City for NYFW, and have tentative plans to take a trip back to Texas, go to Iceland, and hit LA at the end of 2017! 

4. Read a (new) book a month. Frankly, my mind needs more stimulation than I'm giving it with my repeat binges of Parks & Rec and Harry Potter movies. I'm guilty of taking nights as a time to just totally slack. But I miss books!! I was a voracious reader once upon a dream, so I'm going to try and build that habit back up.

What about you guys? Did you come up with any resolutions? Tell me about them below!



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