#traveldiaries: Nashville, Day Two

5:38 PM

(Yes, I had to post this photo. Our bartender looked like Oscar Isaac and I was all *heart eyes*) 

Bag: c/o Coach | Jacket: Target | Flannel shirt: Target (this color no longer available) | Velvet top: Old Navy (sold out in burgundy, but still in black and green) | Jeans: Old Navy | Boots: Off Broadway Shoes | Necklace: Kohls (fun version here)

Happy weekend, all!

A week ago today I was in Nashville with my gal pal Kara experiencing all the sights and sounds of the city! I'm just gonna say it, y'all-I was totally charmed by this town. 

We started the morning off by meeting an old friend of Kara's for brunch at a place called Pinewood Social. Pinewood is located in a warehouse close to downtown and features killer brunch and bowling. I know! Brunch AND bowling?! It was pretty cool. Unfortunately the wait list was hella long for bowling, but we got cute pics and our bartender looked like Poe Dameron from Force Awakens so I got to stare at him for a bit (and that's what counts, right?). Afterward we took some pics outside and then headed back over to 12th Avenue South for more pics!!

It turns out that most of the murals we wanted to see (and quite a few we didn't know about) are nestled on the avenue in a four block radius between a Sprinkles Cupcake outpost and a small local hair salon. Of course, it was also a small land mine of other tourists looking to get the same photos as us!! But it was fun getting help from other tourists in getting photos, and as long as you maintain patience (even when a family of four spends thirty minutes hogging a flower wall), it's a really fun way to spend an afternoon.

I wanted to look cute but also be comfy, and this outfit was perfect! It was also awesome weather-wise to be able to do light layers! I started building with this velvet cami I picked up right before Christmas, then added a burgundy flannel, followed by my leather jacket. Paired with jeans and my comfy-tastic boots, it made for a easy outfit to wear all day long without being uncomfortable!!

One more post from my trip remains...I'll be sad to see these photos go! :(



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