#traveldiaries: Day 1 in Nashville!

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Purse: c/o Coach | Dress: ThredUP (similar dress here)  | Jacket: Target | Hat: Kohls | Shoes: Off Broadway Shoes | Necklace: vintage | Nails: OPI in Brisbane Bronze 

Happy New Year!!! 

It's finally 2017. A new year full of new possibilities and fun adventures!

In case you weren't obsessively following my Instagram because, you know, you have a life, I spent New Year's weekend in Nashville, Tennessee with my dear friend Kara!! I'd never been to Nashville before and I was looking forward to a weekend of food, murals, shopping, and...okay...more food. Nothing about Nashville disappointed me-but more on that as I put these posts up!

Saturday morning we popped out of bed at around 8am so we could get an early(ish) start on the day. Our first stop? The John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge, which we'd heard from a few friends and our previous night's Lyft driver was the perfect place to view the Nashville skyline. In the misting rain, we walked up the steep hill to the bridge and stared out at the pretty and cloudy skyline on the river. Since Kara is an amazing friend who likes taking pictures (almost) as much as I do, she was gracious enough to go through several runs of taking the above photos in front of the Nashville skyline, even when we were freezing our tails off. 

After looking at the skyline for a few more minutes, we caught a Lyft (yes, we took a lot of Lyfts last weekend) over to Hillsboro Village, where we waited in line for TWO HOURS to eat at the Pancake Pantry. Yes. Two hours. It was worth it. Somehow. They were so good, I'm kind of drooling over them as I type this...

After our brunch, we headed over to the dragon mural we had spotted while waiting in the rain for pancakes and took more pictures. It was the first of the murals we caught that weekends and it's still one of my favorites!! I love fantasy creatures and this dragon was fantastic to take in. We nabbed more coffee at a cafe across the street, then headed back across town to shop at 12 South. 

This outfit was so much fun to wear for wandering around Nashville!! I probably should have worn extra socks, or gloves, but otherwise I was pretty warm considering the weather. This striped dress that I picked up from ThredUP is made of thicker cotton and is very structured, which helps keep you warm. I paired it with tights and my new favorite boots, which are literally the most comfy boots on earth. 

I paired it with a vintage necklace, a gold ring, and a hat to keep the rain off of my hair (plus to help me look even cuter)! But the real gem of my accessories was, of course, this stunning Coach purse I received as a part of the #coachholiday campaign. It's kind of unbelievable that I'm getting to work with Coach, guys. I've loved Coach since I was a teenager, so collaborating with them from this campaign is basically the most "pinch me moment" of my blogging career thus far. And it's even more amazing to be a part of the campaign promoting the reintroduction of the Classic Saddle Bag 17. This burgundy shade, the soft, glove tanned leather, and the attention to detail blow my mind every time I look at them. Okay, I'm going to stop gushing now (and save some for later)!

We went home for the night and changed for New Year's Eve, a look I didn't capture thanks to it being dark by the time we headed out. But I'm so excited to share more of my trip with all of you soon!



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