A Toast to Boss Babes

8:55 PM

The babes: (from left in last photo)
AliceJoy of Always AliceJoy | Instagram

I am so excited to fiiiiiiiinalllyyyyyyyy share these photos!!!

About two months ago now, my friend/blogger babe Anna reached out to a group of us and asked if we'd be interested in doing a shoot with her photographer/total boss babe/awesome friend Jade of Jade Nikkole Photography. She described wanting to do a "Sex and the City" style shoot with a bunch of amazing boss blogger babes here in Baltimore. I was 100000% down (and I may not have been great at hiding my enthusiasm/impatience), so we all set a date and met in Mount Vernon to take these beautiful photos. 

I think we can all agree that my friends are beautiful and that these photos turned out perfectly. But what has mattered to me so profoundly, and what these photos symbolize to me, is the amazing community I am privileged to be a part of here in Baltimore. Four years ago, I moved to this city knowing exactly two people. I'd never lived here. I was in the closet. I only knew myself well enough to know that moving to Baltimore was exactly what I needed, but that was about it. I was scared, I was lonely, and I didn't know if I'd make it all on my own.

Then I started this blog. And at first, I continued to be a lonely little vessel taking terrible photos and knowing exactly zero bloggers. 

Then one day, about a year ago, it all began to change. I met my friend Taliah, a fellow blogger. We lived a block from each other in Bolton Hill and we started meeting up to photograph each other. Then I met another blogger. And another. And another. And before I knew it, I'd become a part of a community of strong, badass, amazing women who are their own bosses and work so hard at their craft. I began to realize that not only were these women great at blogging, but they were (and are) wonderful people, and wonderful friends. I have learned so much from all of them. 

Taliah has taught me about the joys of laughter and friendship. Taliah is ALWAYS true to herself, and constantly works hard to be better at all things in her life. Her determination amazes me. Taliah is a true friend. I have her back and I know that she has mine. Her strength and courage have helped me to be a better, stronger, more true version of myself. 

Anna has taught me that kindness never goes out of style, and I'm amazed every day at how hard she works at everything in her life-her relationship with her boyfriend, Sam; her blog; her health; her job-EVERYTHING. She commits her heart and soul to everything, full-stop. She is truly, genuinely nice, and that's a rare find these days. 

Alice has taught me about the beauty in seeing the beautiful things in life. Her calm presence is soothing, and her laughter is joyous. She is fierce and strong while being sweet and vulnerable. She's shown me that it's okay to be daring in your fashion and do things I might never do. She has a quiet drive that's unrivaled and I always want to know more about her. 

Taylor has taught me that it's okay to show off the fact that you have brains AND beauty (seriously, the girl does biomedical research-how cool is that?). She does it all, but she also has an incredible sense of self that I find inspiring. She is funny, authentic, and kind, and every time I hang out with Taylor, I come to appreciate more and more about her. 

And Jade, our photographer? I have met Jade once, but I have long been an admirer of her talent. There is so much depth and emotion in her work, and she captured all of us and our essences perfectly within minutes of meeting us. She is her own boss and does it all-I'm beyond inspired and I look forward to working with her again. 

Let's face it, guys-I've been blessed to meet so many amazing women, and these five are the prime example of the quality of the people who surround me. I hope to know them for many years to come and continue to learn and grow from them.

Boss babes-may we both know them and be them. 



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  1. Awwww you are so sweet! I enjoyed reading this post! I'm also glad we became friends. I cherish your humor, choice in music (hehe), go getter attitude (hello laywer), beautiful hair, and crazy, southern laugh lol. Thanks again babe for the sweet words! xo

  2. Carisa-
    I never get tired of these photos - and your kind words about every one of us in these shots show why WE are lucky to have YOU in our community!
    Thanks for being you babe.

  3. Well isn't this the sweetest post! I am so so happy and thankful to have met you and the other lovely blogger babes in Baltimore. Love you!!


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