Legally Charming Style Turns Three!

7:44 PM

Top: Doubledutch Boutique (similar here-on sale!) | Skirt: Shop the Pink Boutique (gorgeous splurge here-local Bmore brand!) | Shoes: Topshop (similar here) | Necklace: Charm City Mobile Boutique (kind of #obsessed with this one)


Three years ago, I posted two photos from my iPhone taken by one of my best friends, Laurie. I had my folded umbrella under my arm. I deliberated even starting it in the first place, since at the time I had yet ANOTHER abandoned blog I'd posted online. 

And yet here I am, three years later, still doing this. It's hard to believe I made it this long due to my penchant to find projects, try them for a bit, and then move on to something else. I'll be honest, guys-I didn't think then that I'd be here now. 

But I am!

The last three years have taught me so damn much about fashion, friendship, photography...and myself. Holy crap, have I learned a lot about myself through this blog. I learned my personal style, I learned my own stamina. I've learned how to keep being myself and stick to my guns, even in a weirdly high-pressure world of fashion blogging. There have been times I thought about giving up because I wasn't a "traditional" fashion blogger. But I've persisted, because I love it, and I love sharing it with all of you. 

I'm still learning to this day. I first tried to shoot this on Saturday with my friend Taliah. But something felt wrong (and def no fault of hers). Everything wasn't what I wanted it to be. And maybe that's because I was trying, again, to be something that I wasn't. 

The truth is, I'm rainbows and tulle skirts and cartoons and sarcasm and ice cream. I like red lipstick and eating too much pizza and making my friends laugh with puns. I also like social justice and working hard and being authentic and sharing my knowledge with others. And it's okay to be all of that, all at once! And those are the things I want to carry forward into the blog.

So here's my mission for the coming year(s):

1. Create more content.
2. Share more knowledge (budgeting, fitness, life stuff).
3. Keep working on my photography/editing craft. 
4. Keep on pushing myself to be authentic. 

So tell me-what things do you want to see here? What do you want to know/learn/find out? How can I help you be YOUR most authentic self? Tell me more below!

Thank you for being here, and being a part of the journey so far. Here's to another three years (at least!)



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