May Recap

8:02 PM

Helloooooo and happy Wednesday!

I am totally bugging' that it's June (and now I totally want to watch Clueless!). How are we halfway through 2017 already??? Someone explain!

May was a weird but wonderful month for me, and in case you missed it, I'm here to recap just what happened. So come along and I'll share my month with you!

1. I HAD PINK HAIR (for a day).

I went to my amazing stylist Nicole at Crafted Hair Studio and she gave me (as always) an AMAZING cut and color. We were about halfway through and she asked me if I wanted to have pink hair. Ummmm....yes! Of course, the downer is that I have a professional job and I can't have pink hair forever. But she used this amazing temporary pink spray and I got to have pink hair from Saturday afternoon until Sunday night (when I had to wash it out, and it took me five minutes to will myself to do it). Pictures can't do it justice and I can't wait to have funds to buy the spray, since I found it on Amazon, and give myself pink hair whenever I want (like every weekend always). 

2. I got to feel like a glamorous supermodel.

My dress: Ann Taylor (on sale!)

My friend Anna of Lifestyle by Anna Elizabeth put together a city photoshoot with a bunch of our other friends/blogger gal pals in Mount Vernon with Jade of Jade Nikkole Photography-and it was amazing!!! These are the only images I have so far, but y'all. Y'all. Aren't they amazing??? I felt like a total goddess/supermodel, particularly because this dress from Ann Taylor makes me feel like an even glammer Belle, which is only my dream come true. Plus my hair was still pink and my friends are so pretty and smart and amazing. LIFE MADE. 

3. I ate. A LOT.

Birthday parties, dinners with blogger friends, being home with my parents (more on that later)-I probably ate my way to China (or at least as much as the Caterpillar in The Very Hungry Caterpillar).  I ate scallops and donuts and pasta and burgers...y'all, I'm super full just thinking about it. Probably why I put on a pound or two in May (OMG)! 

4. I cruised with my gal pals. 

One Sunday in late May, I was invited to my friend Elise of Caturday Style's floral cruise and had an amazing time!! I went all out on the floral theme, pineapple mimosas, and the ridiculously good buffet. We had an amazing few hours on the water and it was awesome catching up with my gal pals. For more on that, check out my post about it here

5. I headed South for the weekend. 

The last weekend in May, I finally made a trek back home to Houston where I grew up. It was hot as all hell (I suffered, I'm not used to it anymore!), but it was so worth it to see my family and friends. I wish I could have seen more people! I spent the weekend eating my weight in kolaches and Mexican food and Blue Bell and spending time talking to my parents and looking at old photographs. It was lovely and quiet and too quick. Hoping to get back soon!

What did YOU do in May? What are you planning to do this summer? Tell me all about it below!



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