Flat Lay Fever w/ Adore Me!

2:29 PM

Hi guys!!

So today is a little bonus post I'm conducting with the good folks over at Adore Me (a fantastic lingerie subscription box service that I want to review in the future)! I met the incomparable Jess with their company, who has been nothing short of amazing, and asked if I'd be interested in posting about their Flat Lay Fever contest on my blog! Of course I said yes, because I love sharing a little more about my corner of the world with all of you in any way I can.

The Flat Lay Fever contest is a chance to win two free sets of lingerie from Adore Me, which frankly sounds awesome--sometimes it's tough to find pretty lingerie when you have a larger cup size, and the opportunity to win some is of course awesome!

Putting together a flat lay that showed my personal style with lingerie was kind of a hard one (since I end up being a plain nude bra most days), but I think I came up with something I'm happy to show off! Having cute lingerie can be a massive confidence booster, even if you're not showing it off for everyone else--knowing that you have on that lacy bra under your dress or cheeky underwear under your jeans can be that extra little boost that you need!

This is what I would title a "Saturday Morning Style" flat lay! I chose this bra because it's one of the cuter ones I own, but I also happen to love putting it underneath everyday stuff, like sweatshirts or a cotton tee like the one pictured here, and know that I've got on something sexy on despite my casual attire! It's comfy and sweet without being over the top, and it supports my girls in a very nice way. ;) If I don't have anything to do, I'm usually dressed super comfy on a Saturday and curled up in my bed with a couple of books and a cup of coffee. If I have to leave the house (which, why?), I'm likely to just throw my hair up, toss on a glossy lip color like this one from Nude Stix, and spritz on my favorite perfume before heading out the door.

The giveaway ends tomorrow, so hurry up and join in!! If you do decide to enter, tag me and let me see your flat lay!



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