At the Zoo, Boo

8:01 PM

Happy (very late) Tuesday, everybody!

So it's spring, guys, but it seems the weather hasn't figured out that quite yet. Much to my chagrin, it has been cold cold COLD up in Baltimore and DC lately. I just want pretty flowers and sunny skies, y'all! Is that too much to ask?


So what's a girl to do when she's dying for spring clothes but can't quite wear them yet?

It's time for transition style!

Transitioning your wardrobe from winter to spring is a tough balancing act. My winter wardrobe mostly consists of dark colors, thick tights, and puffy coats. My spring wardrobe is all brights and pastels with sandals and lots of patterns. Finding a compromise between the two is beyond challenging for me most days.

Which is why I'm in love with this look. I wore this to the National Zoo with my near-twin ChiChi (not her real name) and our friend Peaches (also not her real name, haha). It was the perfect balance for a day that felt like it could almost be spring but was still pretty chilly by comparison to, say, May weather.

What do you wear to get through the not-quite-spring days? Tell me more below!



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