You Can Call Me Queen B (for Bargain)

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Welcome back!

I have to say, this is one of my FAVORITE shoots that I have ever done. I love shooting with friends in general--to get this level of photos is just a super bonus cherry on top of a sundae of awesome. (And now I'm craving ice cream. Damn it.)

I originally did this shoot because I was asked to be on a fashion panel (more on that below) and needed a professional-grade headshot. I asked my friend Marie to do the photos, since she did my legal headshot and did such an amazing job. I wanted to shoot an outfit for the headshot that encapsulated my style aesthetic and blog mission statement: quirky, colorful bargain fashion with a vintage flair that made me feel good about my body. 

WOW. That's a lot of pressure from one little outfit, right?

I'll admit it, y'all. This one stumped me for a minute. Like most women, I have days where I struggle with what to wear--and that's just a normal day. Putting all of the elements of me into one outfit? That made it even more difficult. 

But when I put this combination on (after about twenty thousand tries), I knew this was it. It's the perfect combination of pieces that, incidentally, were all picked up on sale. It has elements that I wear regularly (denim and [faux] leather). It features quirky prints (bees with crowns and leopard) that give a little bit of an old-fashioned vibe in a modern outfit. And bright colors? Sign me up. Crown it all with how sassy and strong I felt in this outfit, and this was the winner of outfits I could have put together. 

Finding your style aesthetic is difficult. But once you've got it, it plays into your outfits over and over again. It gets expressed in your shopping choices, your hairstyles, your makeup choices. It's also amazingly fun to get dressed when you know what you're looking to put together. 

This is what I hope to continue to share with you--that finding your aesthetic doesn't have to be an arduous, stressful task that costs a lot of money or makes you feel uncomfortable. Style is about expressing outwardly the truest version of yourself. Sometimes that self fits in with the trends. Sometimes it doesn't. But being true to yourself in life, and in fashion, will always be what makes you feel the most comfortable.

Speaking of style (and finding it), you can find ME this weekend at a very fashionable event indeed! The Styled by James Tour, featuring sought-after stylist James R. Sanders, is taking place at South Moon Under in Baltimore's Harbor East from 11am-2pm. I'll be there with bloggers Jennifer from Comme Coco, Taliah from Fashion Was Here, and Kim from Life + Style + Fashion on a Fashion Police Panel!! How fun is that? We'll be talking about last week's Golden Globes looks and I am SO EXCITED. The event costs $30 but is $30 well spent! Please come check it out--I'd love to meet you!

What makes you feel comfortable? How did you find your style? Tell me more in the comments below!



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