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2:39 PM

Hi hello everyone!

I hope you had a stellar holiday weekend (if you got to have one). Me? I spent it part at school assisting a moot court team, part at  the amazing Styled by James event (more on that in another post), and part of it cleaning my as-always-messy house. I'm a very exciting person, I tell you.

This particular look is what I put together to go over to school. It was an unseasonably warm day (I'm talking mid-50s, which in January is crazy talk) so I decided to take advantage by just tossing on a leather jacket over my favorite plaid shirt. And once I did that, I decided my inner tomboy needed her time in the sun.

Most of the time I'm a fairly girly dresser. High heels, skirts, dresses--very rarely are you catching me in a pair of sneakers unless I'm about to hit the gym. Hell, getting me in flat shoes is a tough task unless it's absolutely necessary. But it was the weekend and frankly my feet needed a little bit of a break, and tossing on high heels to walk three-fourths of a mile to school just didn't seem worthwhile.

For me, weekend casual usually falls on the tomboy side. It's all about loose clothing, jeans, and a pair of something like Converse with the smallest cross-body bag I can manage. I also threw in a half-bun and pink lips for a touch of something girly. It was an easy outfit to get through a longish day and I even picked up some compliments on it when I went for coffee!

What's your go-to weekend look? Tell me about it in the comments below!



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