One Trend, Two Ways: A Collaboration with Kaila of The Peach Peony!

11:42 AM

I am so excited about this!!!

Today I'm presenting my very first blog collaboration (how great is that?!). Before we get down to the outfits you're here for, let me give my partner in crime an introduction.

Kaila is the genius blogger behind The Peach Peony, a fashion and lifestyle blog showcasing her trendy Southern style. She is a wife and momma to two freaking adorable fur babies. She and I met three or four years ago via a mutual friend. I remember this meeting for two reasons: 1) there was painting and wine; and 2) Kaila had the most incredible patent Coach bag that I couldn't stop drooling over the entire night. Needless to say, Kaila has always had great style and I'm so glad she's a blogger too! :) If you're here from my blog, please, please, PLEASE check out her blog via the link at the bottom of this post as well as her Instagram account. You won't regret it!

So a few months ago Kaila emailed me and suggested that we do a collaboration, an idea that I was very much on board with! Doing a collaboration, in my mind, is a great way to both meet and promote other bloggers, as well as make new friends. It also gives me the opportunity to see how other people style their wardrobe--taking something that I probably own and wearing it in a way that's totally different from me.

We decided to take something that's very much on trend right now--buffalo check--and style it two different ways. It was so interesting to talk with Kaila about her fashion choices and to compare them with my own. It just goes to show you how diverse fashion can be!

Here are our two looks:

I decided to take my buffalo check and pair it with something a little more traditional: a pencil skirt. I love skirts, particularly pencil skirts, and I thought the contrast of casual buffalo with a more traditional structure would look really nice. But I wanted to make it fun, so I added my new favorite leopard belt and left the buffalo open and untucked. I also threw on black brogues to balance the masculine and feminine aspects of the outfit. 

Kaila decided to go in a different direction. She toughed up her buffalo with leather leggings and a fun fur vest. Then she added a sparkly statement necklace, because that's what we Southern girls do best. :) What I didn't know was that she was using animal print too--which is funny, because it just goes to show you that even where we fashionistas are different, our great minds sometimes think alike! But I just adore her leopard accessories with this outfit--the whole thing is so cool I can't even deal. (I'm not sure if a transcontinental borrowing system is possible, but I'm going to work on it and see if I can get a loaner on at least the clutch.)

I am so looking forward to working with Kaila again on another collaboration--she's a blast! If you're a new guest to my blog from Kaila's site, welcome!! I love having you here already. Check everything out and let me know what you think. :)



Kaila's blog: The Peach Peony
Kaila's Instagram: @kailahamilton7

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