Highlighter Happies

10:14 PM

OMG y'all. How did it get to be the Tuesday after MLK???? I don't get it.

Life at Casa de Hatfield has been crazy-making. Right now I'm doing 12-14 hour days on a consistent basis, and that requires a steep adjustment curve. But I'm a practicing student attorney with a paying job and I am grateful for it all!

This outfit was a casual Friday work look. It had been a very gloomy weather week. All clouds and rain; very unhappy. And my mood was fitting in just fine. 

Then I remembered the easiest fix-all of all time: highlighter colors. 

I'm usually prone to picking yellow, because I'm a little nervous around the rest (traffic cone orange, for instance). But I spotted this J. Crew scarf at the consignment store and had to have it. I've been wearing it pretty obsessively over the last month (my Insta feed is the proof). It just makes everything better. 

This time I wanted to class it up a little and try out a Pinterest inspiration: a belted scarf. I threw it on over a cozy black sweater, skinny black jeans, and ankle boots. And I loved the result! I got so many compliments on styling it like this-it's definitely something I'll do again.

What's your go to for beating the grey winter blues? Discuss below!



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