June Insta Roundup!!

9:52 AM

Hey hi hello!

Soooooo anyone want to explain to me how it's July now? Let alone JULY 6TH?? It's crazy, guys!

Since I haven't been as able to do full-out outfit posts this month, I thought I'd do a little Instagram roundup of my #ootds, my fashion challenges, and my obsessions!

Check it out below:


My dear friend Dee of @thedeeprj (seriously, go check it out) invited me to participate in this style challenge in honor of Pride Month! As an woman on the LGBT spectrum, I was thrilled at the invitation to talk more about LGBT pride/history and the chance to wear rainbow colors ALL. MONTH. LONG. You guys know how I feel about rainbow colors. I mean really. I had so much fun and was able to really expand my knowledge of my community!! #winwin 


With bar prep in full swing and my daily walk from home to school clocking in at 0.8 miles, I am not anywhere close to wanting to put on high heels (or any shoe that has a heel, period). But I'm not about to give up dresses, either!! The solution? Pairing Keds with dresses!! I will tell you guys that this was not something I was ever on board with in life before because I thought it would make me look short and/or dumpy and/or weird. But it is now my new favorite thing in life and I don't know if anyone can ever make me go back to before. 


Two years ago, in June of 2014, I started Legally Charming Style!! Crazy, right??? My feed was full of photos from this bright and colorful shoot I did with my blogger gal pal Taliah of Fashion Was Here. This rainbow bright dress is basically the Candyland dreams this blog is made of!! I absolutely loved it and I felt so fabulous. Read more about the blog's journey in an actual post (gasp!) I wrote about it here.


And no, I'm not talking about Ron's favorite grocery store. ;) Food, coloring books, Hamilton, and studying filled my month (and my Instagram feed) because I wanted you to get a behind-the-scenes look at what was really happening in my life!! 


This month has been a tough one on me, I'll admit it. So I spent a lot of time taking to Instagram to remind you (and me) that being perfect is impossible, we all have our struggles, and there are definitely days when all doesn't go perfectly to plan! I'm so grateful for all the support I got on these posts--it really helped brighten those darker days!

As always, THANK YOU for following along (and your patience as I've waded my way through bar prep and blogging)!!



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