On Stripe

5:03 PM

Happy Friday people!!

I hope you're having a good day! I'm sitting in class, feeling confused about secured transactions, so I certainly hope you're doing better than I am (and maybe drinking a glass of wine for me, lol).

Last weekend I took a day for myself after my practice multiple choice test, despite the fact that computer issues had put me a full day behind on studying and I was feeling the pressure to get back to work! Instead of stressing myself out, I decided to take myself out for a day of checking out Fourth of July sales and doing a photoshoot with my blogger gal pal Taliah of Fashion Was Here!

This was what I actually wore on Sunday to go shopping (a real look this summer? le gasp!) and it was absolutely fabulous and comfortable!! I loved this striped top I got in my last Le Tote box, tucked into a pair of high-waisted shorts to give me a bit of the pin-up vibe. I added this adorable saddlebag and fun tassel necklace (also Le Tote) and a pair of wedges to complete the look! And since I was told by multiple people that they've never seen me in wedges, here is photographic proof that I do in fact own them and wear them. (Okay, fine. I confess. They're new.)

Sometimes what we need in life is a break, and this was exactly what my heart needed to head into another week of bar prep! What do you do to give yourself some downtime?



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