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3:15 PM

Happy Tuesday, folks!!

We're drawing near the fated deadline--bar exam day one is in TWO WEEKS. I know. Where did the summer go? How am I still alive? How many bottles of wine will I consume when this is over? All questions I don't have the answers to, but at least one of these will be solved on July 27th (I'll give you one guess which one).

Recently I went out on a date in the midst of all this bar prep crazy (I know, where did I find time?) and it was wonderful, but it was the first time I have had to really think about getting dressed in a while. And I'm not gonna lie, it was crazy stressful. I was literally texting people, sending them photos of my outfit to see if it was "too much," you know--all the girl things we do when trying to impress a date.

This was about the 90th look I tried on (and I still ended up going with a different top because this felt "too fancy"), but I think this is probably the most perfect summery date look when you're going out somewhere fancy!! It's the right mix of breathing room (a wrap skirt that can easily be loosened, thanks to Le Tote), pretty, and kinda sexy (heyyyyyy lace crop top)! The pop of color in the clutch and bright lip brings a bit of summery color to this look.

What's your go-to summer date look? Do you go back and forth on what to wear, too? Tell me all about it in the comments below!



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