The Weekend Mix

6:15 PM

It's the weekend!!!

If you're reading this anytime between 9-4 on Saturday, send all your positive vibes, prayers, juju, etc. my way--I'm in the middle of a practice essay test and I'm probably crying on the inside right now, wishing I was out taking pictures like these!

One of the toughest things about keeping up with a blog during this hellish summer of bar prep is figuring out what outfits I'm going to show you. I'm loyally keeping up with #ootd posts for the challenge I'm co-hosting (mostly), so by the time I get to the weekend, they're at least already partially photographed and you've already seen them. This usually leaves looks I've put on for the weekend, or looks that I choose for the blog that I end up wearing for the rest of the day (and end up being real outfits I wear by default).

This particular outfit fell into the latter category. I put it on with the premise of wearing it for the blog and ended up keeping it on to go to the grocery store (where I got lots of stares because apparently people don't dress like this at Giant...?). I admit it's not even MY normal grocery store fare, and I'm a notorious overdresser. I am definitely more of the jeans and sneaks at the store-type girl, I promise you. But I think this outfit is a perfect example of a weekend look during the summer!

I have been wearing my hair up all summer (thanks bar prep), so I've been trying to get more creative about how I wear it, and I'm absolutely loving these Dutch-braid pigtails as an alternative to a basic ponytail!! They keep everything up off my face and neck, which really is my end goal during the sticky, humid months. They're both girly and a little bit funky, which is key when trying to look like a human who wears things other than jeans and tees all summer long.

Since my hair was all off my face and (very) tight against my head, I wanted to wear an outfit that contrasted it a little with my trademark color and girliness. This skirt (which I wore previously in this post), was a super-cheap find of off ThreadUp that I am so glad I got to style for summer!! I think it works perfectly with a casual tied chambray shirt--just the right about of fitted and comfy to create a lovely hourglass shape that I've been missing lately thanks to my bar prep diet of mac n cheese and pizza (oops).

To really pop the combo and make it fun, I threw in my favorite leopard clutch and swingy tassel earrings (which are super in this summer), along with my chunky nude sandals to keep the line of my leg going for days. ;)

What's your go-to summer weekend look? Do you prefer dressed up or dressed down? Tell me more about it below!



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