The Friday Challenge: What's in my Purse?

3:48 PM

Hey howdy everybody! It's FRIDAY!

So a few months ago (okay, like January, stop pressuring me guys!!), I reached out via Instagram to see who would want to collaborate with me. I got two responses: one from my girl Emma of @whatemmawore (check out her Insta if you haven't yet) and one from my friend Vrishali. Emma and I did our collab, and then somehow Vrishali's email got lost in the shuffle and I didn't see it and then it was June and WHAT. I'm terrible.

But Vrishali decided to put me to a little challenge: dump out my bag and share the contents on my blog. So today I'm sharing it with you!

This bag is my everyday workhorse professional bag that y'all have seen a hundred thousand times on my Instagram #ootd posts. It's Steve Madden and I got it at TJ Maxx for $40 almost a year ago. I love it and it gets about a billion compliments. If I could clone it (or, you know, give you a link to purchase it) I would. 

But what's INSIDE?? This stuff! And okay, so maybe I dumped out all the trash and extra receipts, but this is what is really in this bag on the daily (besides the granola bar wrappers and broken jewelry):

1. My phone. Because phone is life. Life is phone. It is my limb. And also I probably have a better relationship with it than many people. I still have an iPhone 4, because obviously I'm poor and can't afford to pay $230 for the upgrade to an iPhone 6, but hopefully that will happen soon.

2. My wallet. Obviously, because how else do I purchase great shoes?? This one is from Target and cost me about $13. 

3. Pens, pens, pens. I'm surprised there were only two in there...

4. My planner. I'm very picky about planners. I have to have the ability to plan my day by the hour. So this is a week by week planner from Staples, and essentially I can't leave home without it. I get a little antsy if I can't write something down in the planner.

5. Keys. Because trust me from experience, getting locked out and having to climb the fire escape in high heels is not fun for anyone.

6. Paper packet. This has everything from my spending tracking sheet to bills I need to pay to papers I need for various projects. Keeping them all in a binder clip means that they won't go everywhere and are much less likely to get crinkled.

7. 500000+ lipsticks. In my weekday purse I always keep one lipstick that's work appropriate (here, it's Milani Cosmetics Color Statement Lipstick in Nude Creme), one that's play appropriate (here, Wet 'n' Wild's Megalast Lipstick in Smokin' Hot Pink), and a lip balm to moisturize (Softlips is one of my favorites). I also had this nude lip liner from NYX Cosmetics in there from Wednesday when I used it as my lip color with the balm. I try to clean all the lipsticks out of my purse once a week, but I've had times where there have literally been six lip colors in my bag. Just in case you're wondering, Milani, Wet 'n' Wild, and NYX are all cruelty-free makeup brands you can purchase (on the cheap!) at your local drugstore. I work hard to purchase only cruelty-free makeup because that is important to me.

8. Hairtie. Because you never know when you'll have a hair emergency (aka get outlandishly warm during the day and need your hair off your neck).

9. Portable coffee tumbler. This one I found in the school and I suspect belongs to a friend of mine, but I'm borrowing for the summer. I carry a mug on the daily, full of coffee in the morning and home at night to wash for the next day. Coffee is important, people.

10. Stamps. Because you never know when you'll have a mailing emergency.

11. Spare change. Everybody's got it rolling around in the bottom of their purse.

12. A paper clip. Because...well, I have no idea. I'm a law student. Office supplies just tend to live in my purses.

13. Sunglasses. Usually I have two pairs, since I never remember to take anything out of my bag, but today it's just one. These were a gift from a co-worker from a camp he works at for children in foster care called Camp Connect. Great program and cute glasses!

If you want to see someone who probably has way more exciting products in their purse, check out Vrishali's Wordpress page, called This is Not a Quick Story. Plus there's funny rants and homemade macarons, what more could a girl ask for? Thanks for the challenge, Vrishali! 

Enjoy your weekend!



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