Mixin' It Up {in the Office}

4:45 PM

Hi hi hi hi hi hi it's been too long.

Between family reunion, finishing up my paper, work, and meetings, I've actually not had a lot of time. I'm going to try not to make excuses and say I'll be updating more often (because I'm not sure if that's true), but I'm doing my very best to bring you new posts.

This outfit is quite literally fresh off my body--I wore it two days ago. It was Monday, I was tired, and my hair was scraped back off my face in a way that my mother hates (but, upon looking at these photos, that she was probably right about all along). I didn't feel like shaving, and I'm willing to tell you that because I am in fact a real person who lives a real life. So I slapped on some pants and grabbed this three-quarter sleeve top.

But since I wanted to make it fun, I decided to pop on an extra print with these pretty but classy leopard pumps. Mixing chain print with leopard? Crazy talk, especially for the office. Crazy talk, that is, unless you do it right.

So what are my tips for wearing mixed prints at the office?

1) No crazy competing prints. In other words, try not to do a giant floral with a crazy colored leopard or something. You're better off sticking to either two smaller prints, like I'm doing here, or one larger print and one smaller.

2) Keep them neutral. I did the navy and white here with the neutral leopard. One colorful print is fine, but if you're mixing them, I think it's better to keep them in the neutral family. Throw in a pop of color elsewhere (like with this coral/orange bag).

3) Break them up. I have done a few looks that I look back on and wince, and it's usually because I butted two prints side by side. I have few exceptions where I think this look works. Otherwise, it looks better to break it up with a dark neutral and not have them side by side.

4) Minimize your accessories. I did just earrings and a ring here. Piling on the jewelry will start looking obnoxious if you're also throwing on a gingham and leopard.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes!!



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