Positively Dotty

5:32 PM

 Happy Thursday, y'all!

So last weekend when I went to Texas and it was eleventy billion degrees, I also went back to school/fall work shopping because it was tax-free weekend. When I say I came home with a duffel full of new work clothes and sweaters...it's not an exaggeration. I feel like I should hide my head in shame a little.

What I'm not ashamed of is my choice to get this dress at Kohl's. Y'all. Y'all. Seriously. How amazing is this dress?? The contrast dot print. The handkerchief hem. It's light enough for summer wear with heels and a blazer, but will transition beautifully into fall with tights, a sweater, and booties. Plus it has POCKETS, which for me is a super-beyond perk.

Best part?? This dress is 80% off RIGHT NOW at Kohl's. I'm not joking. For the bargain basement price of $13.80, this dress can come home with you.

And since I again somehow overdid the theme thing, I totally wore my blue has-mesh-polka-dots shoes. And carried my has-round-perforations purse. Nope, not kidding. This is something only I would accidentally do. And after I looked at this wall for a minute, I realized it has dots too. I think I might need matchy-matchy therapy. (Is that a thing?)



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  1. This dress is super fabulous on you. I love the ombre contrast it does from op to bottom so beautiful. and i LOVE THAT IT HAS POCKETS. I am a pocket freak when it comes to dresses and skirts. If it has pockets I want it!!!

    I would love to go to Texas to Thrift shop because my mentor has gotten so many nice pieces from there!!! ugh your so lucky. Its awesome.

    Hugs & Love


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