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6:12 PM

Welcome back, y'all!

After temporarily losing my camera, getting two parking tickets, and then temporarily losing my phone, last week was just NOT my killer week. The highlight of the whole thing was going to see Jaws at Flicks on the Hill and eating Swedish Fish while watching the giant killer shark make fake blood clouds everywhere.  (And before you ask, I know that great whites don't just go around eating people for sport. My ex gave me excellent shark education.)

Moving on to this look, and a true confessions of a sappy television junkie!

I love Hart of Dixie. I love, love, LOVE that show. It may be all love triangles and drama, but there's something about it that makes me laugh and cry and all the silly things you do with a show you're invested in completely. And please don't tell me what happens in Season Four, because I have yet to commit to paying for Hulu for this one show. But in my (repeated) watching of Seasons One-Three, I have come to love one character more than all the others, and that character is Annabeth Nass. Seriously, that girl is the bomb. Maybe it's because she's a redhead, maybe it's because she wears that killer glossy pink lipstick all through Season Three, maybe it's because she is just such a nice person (or maybe it's all of the above). And I think this outfit would be 100% Annabeth approved.

A fit and flare dress? Check. Bright color? Check. Pretty but not too spiky heel? Check. But while the pattern play here might be a bit too much for her, it's perfect for me. I love the mix of leopard and stripes, especially since the stripes are cobalt and black, a bit of a departure with the stripes + leopard combo. It also has the distinct capability to go from work to play. The modest neck and hemlines and the office-friendly color palette make it totally work appropriate. But the kick of the leopard shoe and a pink lip (like Annabeth would do) make it fun to go out on a dinner date or for drinks with friends. And while I usually hate the day to night trope, if I had to pick an outfit that would work for it, this would be it.

Who's your TV style inspiration? Do you love Hart of Dixie as much as I do? Share your feedback in the comments below!



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  1. I love Hart of Dixie. Annabeth had some great dresses, but Lemon's style is more mine. I am sad the show seems to be cancelled.

    1. I started loving Lemon's style a lot more after Season One-I felt like as her character developed, I liked her outfits more! I am so terribly sad that it's cancelled. But I did hear a rumor about a spinoff (just sans Rachel Bilson)...

      Thanks for dropping in and commenting! <3


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