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Happy Thursday!
So I think y'all know that I am all about the style challenge. I absolutely love using a style challenge as an opportunity to mix up my wardrobe and try something new. So when I saw that one of my favorite bloggers of all time, Sarah of Sarah's Real Life, was doing a style challenge, I just had to join in! (I'm a little embarrassed by my Insta-stalking of her, but anytime a badass lady lawyer blogs about fashion, I'm there.) Sarah's challenge is called the Top 10 Remix-choosing ten things from your wardrobe that just screamed your name when you bought them and wearing at least one of those pieces every day in April.
If you want to join in on the fun, her post is linked here: Sarah's Real Life Top 10 Remix Challenge. Go check it out! In the meantime, here's the pieces you'll see from me this month!
1) This green dress.
I love, love, love this dress. It's green, it's flowy, and I feel kinda like the Little Mermaid when I wear it. Probably without the embarrassing singing. (Probably. I make no promises.)
2. This striped t-shirt dress.
It can be layered up. It can be worn in a more casual office. And when I saw it, I think I screamed "TEE SHIRT DRESS!!!!" inside my head. At least I hope that was inside my head, because otherwise I should be more embarrassed to go back to the Goodwill where I got it.
3) This blue pleated midi.
I found it at a swap sale and it's possibly the love of my life. I feel fun and flirty and adorable. I think I vowed to take it with me at the moment I saw it at the sale. I don't even think I cared if it fit, it was just too pretty to leave behind.
4) This jean jacket.

I'm not sure if choosing a staple jean jacket for the Top 10 Remix is cheating. But after two years of searching for the perfect one, finding this one in January on sale was like the Christmas and Easter rolled into one.
5) This leopard top.
It dresses up. It dresses down. It's soft. It's flowy. It's leopard-y, which is not a word at all. My boobs need to keep fitting into it, which I guess means I need to start going to the gym. Until I make that decision, however, I will find ways to make it work.
6) This pink floral top.

I'm not a pink girl at all. I mean, not at all. But when I saw this shirt at the Loft outlet last year, I had to pick it up immediately. It has ruffles and thin straps. It can be a pop on a rainy day or under a suit on an interview, like it was today.
7) This yellow crossbody.
Because a bright crossbody was on my list, and when I saw this one after I got elected President of the Women's Bar Association, it called to me with its siren call of brightness and prettiness.
8) This black-and-saddle-brown purse.
This bag was the first bag I have ever owned that made me feel like a future lawyer. It was a whim grab on the way out of TJ Maxx one day, because I saw it and couldn't leave it behind. I carry it all.the.time. I have to make myself take breaks from it. It's healthier for our relationship, really.
9) This bright bird scarf.
If it has birds on it and is a bright neon color, I'm sold. Always and forever. Not sure where this will lead, but I'll be there for anything this happy.
10) These  bright orange heels.

I mean, how do you say no to ANYTHING like these??? You don't. Ever. They're like a siren song to my soul.

Looking forward to this challenge!!



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