3:54 PM

This dress, y'all.

I don't have a lot of witty things to say about this beautiful dress. Picture it: I was out thrifting two weekends ago after my interview for law school journal board. I walk into Goodwill in the early evening hours, just perusing. And then I see this dress hanging up on the rack. Vintage. With those TO DIE FOR straps. I love anything unique, and those were the definition. I try it on. It fits perfectly. It's supposed to be seven dollars, a bargain for a cocktail LBD, and I'm determined to get it. 

I proceed to the register, and guess what? It's 50% off. That's right, this unique little vintage beauty cost me $3.71 with tax. The beauty of thrifting! 

It got its first turn out at my law school's LGBT group awards banquet. I was massively overdressed, but this dress is so worth that, amirite? With my standby gold going-out pumps, vintage clutch from India, and big earrings, I felt like a movie star. And who doesn't want to feel like a movie star at least once in a while?



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