A Bunch of Brights (And Some Spring Cleaning)!

8:49 AM

Welcome back!!

I've been under construction for the last week and a half while I cleaned up the blog. I really liked the old layout, but I wanted something more minimalistic to show off all the bright colors I wear and make me feel relaxed when I come to look at it. I think this new layout does that, so it's going to stick around for a bit. (That, and I hate, hate, hate HTML coding. A huge shoutout to my friend Chet for helping me fix some of the major problems of last night!!!!)

I'm also happy that I'm getting back on the ball with blog shooting. I absolutely love springtime because it is a perfect time to get out and shoot photos without either freezing or sweating. I realize I have to run a blog in all four seasons, but spring is my favorite time for it.

And this outfit was perfectly emblematic of my spring school style. Granted, I try hard to be very polished on a daily basis. But sometimes, like the day I wore this, it's Monday. And on a Monday, I like to be comfortable as well as cute. I love t-shirt dresses for this very reason. Now granted, this dress is probably a TAD too short (maybe? let me know what you think), but I like wearing it because I wear what I want and it's relaxed.

To compensate for short dresses, I typically throw on a jacket--because in my mind, that makes it better. I also put on a scarf, because I really like the balance of being covered up top with a short skirt. And of course, what makes an outfit more casual than a beat-up old pair of Converse? Nothing, I say.

This look was pre-Top 10 Remix but incidentally contains two Top 10 pieces--the yellow bag and lime bird scarf. If you still want to play along with the Sarah's Real Life Top 10 Remix challenge, check out her post here (or any of her other posts involving Top 10 pieces since, because she's got a great blog that I read on the daily).

I'm thinking of new ways to spruce up the blog and had a couple of ideas. Since I'm all about thrift style, I'm thinking of adding a section to each post letting you know how much I spent on the outfit I'm wearing-would y'all be interested in seeing that? Let me know in the comments below!



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