Red, White and Boom

4:49 PM

I Hi everyone! I hope you had a fantastic holiday weekend. I always love spending quality time with my sister and her kids--it's a recharge I usually need after a long week of work. 

One of the keys to keeping up at my sister's is dressing comfortably; for me, one of the keys of daily life is dressing stylishly. So it's a great compromise when I can do both!

The July style challenge(s) were to dress in red and be sparkly like a firework. I decided to go all out with Americana because, hey, it's go big or go home on the Fourth, amirite? 

I absolutely adore this chambray shirt. I bought it with birthday money and it's frequently worn. The fact that I now live in a city where I can wear a long sleeve shirt and/or layer is brilliant. The red top has this fantastic embroidery and is light and airy.

Khaki shorts were a neutral base to all the color. I put on this necklace, a handmade gift from an old boss, and this bracelet, which was a gift from my sister, to get the sparkle I was looking for.

This hair was a mess, but it kept me cool and looked neat in these pictures, haha. But I was digging on the red lip, achieved with red lip liner and red glitter-flecked lipgloss. 

Finish off with these red TOMS that I need to figure out how to wear more and it's a very happy, very colorful Fourth! 

Hope you had a great weekend!! 

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