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Jacket: Free, found at work (similar here) | Tee: Brightside Boutique | Skirt: Vintage Calvin Klein, thrift (button-down version here) | Purse: Jessica McClintock via Le Tote | Watch: c/o JORD Watches | Buttons: Cat LadyBabes Support Babes (both from Brightside Boutique) | Shoes: DSW (similar here)

Photography: Maura Belton of Earth to Maura (websiteInstagram

Welcome back to the blog!

I took a long break in March-a loooooooooooong break from blogging. I needed it very much-blogging was very low in my mental list of to-dos. But I miss it, and I wanted to come back with a bang, so here I am!!

I'm sharing this look first because it reminds me of what has gotten me through the last month: my awesome club/tribe/gang of beautiful, awesome women who have lifted me up and reminded me that I still have so much to do with my life and my career. It's true what they say-the hard times bring out the people that will be there for you through thick and thin. I have found an amazing gang of ladies who love me and have gone out of their way to be there for me-cooking me dinner, texting or calling to check in, giving me hugs, taking me out, and even little things like pulling my hair off my neck when I've been crying so I can get some air. 

Most of my life I've professed to having a lot of girlfriends that I care about. But truth be told, I'm one of the last people on Earth who lets herself rely on anyone else for help or advice. I'm always the first to give it, but usually put myself somewhere towards the bottom for receiving it. Anyone else out there like that?

I just wanna tell you, from a girl who doesn't usually let others take care of her: It's a good thing. If you're down (or even if you're not), it isn't a crime to let your friends be there for you and help you through the day to day of your life. In fact, it's wonderful. 

So I'm dedicating this post and this look to those ladies who have been there for my throughout my life. Yes, I have some pretty chill dudes in my life too, but this one is for my girls. The ones who order pizza to celebrate me winning my first trial (and when I haven't eaten all day), the ones who listen when I'm feeling down, the ones who play me 90's songs and let me belt my heart out when I need to, and countless other little things. I couldn't do life without you. 



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