Livin' La Vida Local: Emporiyum and Light City

5:43 PM

Happy Monday!!

I've been making efforts on the weekends to get out of the house and go to local events. I'm usually a GIANT homebody-like in bed by 6:30 with my cat watching Netflix and noshing on Goldfish crackers. 

But when your hometown has such awesome stuff, you can't always stay home!

On April 2nd I managed to score a ticket to Emporiyum, an annual food convention in Baltimore featuring delicious and unique foods from all up and down the East Coast. We all know that I love food more than life itself, so an event based ENTIRELY on food?!?! Sign me up, y'all. 

I managed to snag free samples all over the place. Free samples are life. I mean, they're free. And they're also food. And I really, really like both of those things. Probably too much. I snacked on mini cheesecakes, beef jerky, carrots and vinaigrette, jams, whoopie pies, and so so much more. I did actually pay for a few things (really)! I picked up both a unicorn milkshake (OMG Y'ALL) and a sushi-rido (ALSO AMAZING). 

Overall, 100% recommend, 10000% going back next year.

This past Friday my friends Britt and Emma of The Charm Collectiv invited me to come with them on an exclusive tour of Light City sponsored by BGE! In case you don't know, Light City is in its second year and is a really cool display of artistry using light from Baltimore and around the world. We walked across the entirety of the Inner Harbor, gazing in wonder at all the cool displays (and getting into outlandish positions to take the photos like the one below).

All the displays were absolutely incredible! I have a soft spot for art, and I have since I was a kid. Seeing all this outdoor art was really inspirational and I'm so glad I got to have an amazing guided tour to see it all and learn more about the artists.

Do you guys wanna see more Baltimore event recaps? Let me know in the comments below!



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