Spring Greens with JORD Watch

4:58 PM

Iiiiiiiiiit's March!!!

(Can someone explain to me how, though? Like honestly.)

I'm so excited today to be sharing my beautiful, brand-new wood watch and my partnership with JORD Watches! 

Truth be told, I'm kind of a watch nut. I own at least six watches and I'm always feeling justification to buy another. I have always thought of wearing watches as the signal that someone was grown up. I still have a watch that I bought with my aunt when I was twelve (though it definitely needs a new battery), and I have dozens of photos of me wearing a stretchy silver Wal-Mart special in high school.  Watches just make me feel cool. And while professional wear can be pretty boring for me (suits all day every day), wearing a fun, unexpected watch totally ups the game and shows a bit of your personality. 

This watch definitely fits the bill. A wood watch is unique, fun, and not something you're going to see on every wrist (I know I definitely didn't own anything like it in my closet before this partnership). It shows clients and opposing counsel that you're serious about your job but that you're not the person anyone could describe as boring. 

I'm also excited to pair it with more casual looks like the one above! While it may seem easy or obvious to pair it with MORE emerald tones, but I like the fun pairing with mixed prints and casual denim. 

Now this watch is a little waaaay outside my normal price range at $189, buuuuuuuuuut JORD is being super awesome and helping me run an awesome giveaway!! One of the lucky entrants will win a $100 gift card to go towards purchasing a JORD watch! That makes my watch under $90 (and they have additional options that cost less too). In addition to that, EVERY person who enters will get a $25 gift code towards a JORD watch too!!! The giveaway will be going on through March 26th at 11:59pm, so hurry up and enter at the link below.

Luxury Wooden Watch

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