They Call it (not so) Mellow Yellow

6:19 PM

Happy Wednesday!!

Oh my word guys. It's already been quite a month. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed some chat in my comments about the fact that I got a corneal ulcer last week. Yup. An ulcer. In my eye. Two weeks before that, my car got broken into for a stack of CDs. I'm telling you, y'all, things have been straight-up cray cray in my life leading up to graduating from law school! But the finish line is SO CLOSE I can taste it. 

Since I see summer coming, and I've been feeling it coming, I have been in full-on embrace the neons mode! I went to Old Navy at the end of April and picked up this super adorable, super soft, and beyond comfy neon yellow/green jersey dress. I love this thing. It feels like wearing a nightgown outside (only way cuter)! And what's a bigger statement than showing up in a sunshine dress? 

I threw on a denim jacket because it's all I live in all weekend long, these PRECIOUS shoes that ruled my world last summer, and topped it off with this super cute, well, topper. I purchased this hat about a year ago on the same day I bought the shoes!! Seems like I did a pretty legit job at the outlet mall that day. ;) 

So I ended up wearing this to go to a fitting for a charity fashion show I participated in last weekend, which was a super fun time, but it was full of expensive clothes! I think that while spending money on investment clothing is important, it should still a) be reasonable for your budget;  b) be something you'd actually want to wear in your normal life; and c) that you'd feel confident strutting the streets in.  The pieces I wore were lovely (scroll back a bit on my Insta and you'll find it), but I felt incredibly uncomfortable for most of the time because the pieces weren't me and I didn't feel confident. I much preferred walking out of the dressing room in my $14 dress and clearance rack jacket than the $1200 jacket I modeled the next weekend, and at the end of the day I'm happy I got to come home in this!

What pieces make you feel comfortable? What are your summer must haves? Let me know below!



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