Summer Sun

12:52 PM

Happy weekend guys!!

I can't believe I'm graduating on Monday. How crazy is that??? 

Of course, once that's done I don't really get a summer vacation-I'll be in bar prep all summer, slaving away over books in hopes of becoming a lawyer. 

So I have been trying to embrace any chance I have to enjoy the summer vacation-y type things I'm not going to get to do. Perfect example?? Wearing a sundress and eating my weight in ice cream!

This dress is the perfect one to eat your weight in ice cream because of the stretchy waist and forgiving cut. Pro tip for the short gals-this one needs some kind of wedge or high heel!! It's meant to be below the knee anyway on a normal-height person, so we petites have to be extra mindful! (That being said, it was a super-fun risk and I loved it.) 

My blogger gal pal Taliah and I met up last weekend to do a shoot and she suggested that we get ice cream. And if you know me at all, you know I never resist ice cream. Ever. Unless I'm deathly ill, and even then it's highly likely I will still want to eat it. 

So we headed over to a local staple called The Charmery and OMG guys. This place is so legit. Even the vanilla is so bomb and I am not typically a vanilla person. 

Posing with a cutesy prop you really want to eat is hard, which is probably why I look like I'm trying desperately hard by to shove it in my face (or am actually shoving it in my face) in all these photos. Needless to say, once this shoot was done I devoured the whole thing!! 

What are your favorite summer traditions? Tell me about 'em below!



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