Baltimore '16

7:36 AM

Welcome back!!

The last few weeks have been absolutely CRAZY TOWN as I head into graduation!! I can hardly believe that it's just eleven days away. (Eleven!) And then bar prep, and the bar exam, and...ohhhh don't get me started down that track because then I'll have to think about it!

Let's talk about spring!

I'm so happy that it's spring, y'all. To be honest, I get tired of being in dark colors and tights and all that sadness. But lately here in Baltimore it hasn't quiiiiiite been spring yet, which is why I'm so excited that I have found spring pieces that are still bright and cheery without me freezing to death!!

I got this adorable, super duper bright lace-up top in my last Le Tote box and it was SO stinkin' precious. I put it on and fell a little in love! I decided I was going to wear it to the theater to see a production of Detroit '67 because it had the appropriate amount of vintage-boho-disco pirate vibe that I was looking for and that meant wearing it to the office beforehand on a Friday!

I generally have qualms about wearing lace-up tops because I'm so petite and it usually means the bottom of the v is somewhere around the middle of my rib cage, which by the way isn't appropriate at the office (in case you had doubts). I put this top on and had that problem!! Fortunately, a nude cami saved me and made me office-appropriate, thank goodness.

(Of course, I didn't realize that I had gotten the wrong date and was therefore not going to the theater the night I wore this, but I digress. My brain has not been at 100 lately y'all.)

Since the top has such a retro feel, I wanted to bring it into the modern era. I opted to half-tuck this top into a pair of skinny jeans with pointed heels and this blue micro cross-body--and in case you're keeping track, I'm not wearing a stitch of black in a blog post!! It's a miracle!



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