One Cape, Two Ways: A Remix Post

5:09 PM

Welcome back everyone!

So if you were following my Instagram account (@legallycharming_style) you saw I was on vacation last weekend in Rhode Island. If you're like everyone from Rhode Island, your first question will be, "Why on Earth did you go on vacation in Rhode Island?" (Seriously, y'all, that was the top question from the locals.) If you've never been, I would suggest you go--it's gorgeous historic scenery, a laid-back atmosphere, and the people are funny and quirky.

It was also a fun time to get LOTS and LOTS of photos for my Insta feed and the blog. I love taking photos, and my friend Kara who came with me does too. It's why we're a pretty good match as a traveling team--we love to stop, smell the roses, and take some selfies. Which also meant that it was a good time to pull out the pieces I've been DYING to wear and show them off to their full glory.

Like this cape. I got this gorgeous cape back in August from a lovely local vendor, the Charm City Mobile Boutique. Alyssa is the incredibly nice young entrepreneur who owns the boutique and sells the cutest clothes. I loved pretty much everything in her shop and I always look to see if I can go to another place where she's selling!

The main problem with a fuzzy cape is that I would be a one-woman-sweat-machine if I donned it in August. So this trip was the perfect opportunity to pull it out. But if you're kind of an average girl like me, you might be puzzled about how to wear a cape in a way that doesn't make you look like you've just thrown a blanket over your shoulders. So I'm going to show you the two ways I rocked it last weekend!

1. The casual Friday.

So this look I wore for our Friday travel and I must say it was the most comfortable thing I could have done. It was warm, it was soft, and it was easy to look put together when I'd been on the road for nine hours.

This look is also super simple. It's just a fitted sweater, jeans, and tall boots with the cape thrown over it.  Easy, right? It's perfect for going to the orchard to pick apples or even just going to see the latest cheesy romantic comedy/drama at the cineplex (which we were totally guilty of doing while on an out-of-state vacation).

Pro tip on this one: make sure that your top and your pants are fitted. Wearing something loose under a cape will kind of make you look like a blobby mess--believe me, I tested this look to save you from trying it yourself. The things I do to help you look better! ;)

2. The date afternoon/night.

On Saturday we decided to walk around Providence and see the city. We had lunch at the most amazing restaurant, The Duck & Bunny, which came highly recommended from one of my Instagram pals. (The beauty of meeting friends online!) We also checked out some historic houses, had matcha tea, and watched the water fire on the river.

This look was a bit more of an experiment for me, but I really like the result. The easiest way to achieve the chic? Go for a monochromatic look underneath your cape. Here, I paired all black--a sweater, leather skirt and boots with tights--to let the cape shine through. It was cute, but casual.

I think this would be a great date look for going somewhere low-key and fun (maybe a city walk like I did?). It would also be fun for going to lunch with your girlfriends.

Have you tried a cape? How did you style it? I want to hear all about it in the comments below.



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  1. You are so adorable and you so made me want a hot chocolate now. I love whip cream. I'm so happy you have fun!!!

    Hugs & Love


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