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Welcome back!

Y'all may not know this about me, but I had childhood aspirations to be an actress. I watched the Oscars like they were a religion. I acted out plays with my Barbies. I sang and acted out Disney movies. I have no doubt that I was singularly one of the loudest and most annoying kids of all time.

But I carried on into middle school and got into stage acting. I acted in stage productions throughout junior high and high school, even majoring in theater for my first two years of community college. Needless to say I have a great appreciation for the theater.

Which is why I was SO excited to find out that Center Stage, a local theater production company, offers a GO Pass to people between the ages of 18-34 to incentivize theater attendance by a younger demographic. The GO Pass is $49 for all five of the company's productions during the season, which is a super amazing deal (and I'm not getting paid to say this, though I wish I was)!

On Sunday my friend Kara and I decided to use our tickets to see a performance of the company's first show of the season, Pride and Prejudice. And since it was the theater, and I use any excuse to dress up, I put on this ADORABLE dress which is the perfect transition to fall! I love the high neckline with ties and the bell sleeves, both of which are reminiscent of the 1970s (a huge trend this fall), but the length and print keep it modern, along with a double-wrap black belt I added. It is classy,  elegant, and (surprisingly) warm, which was perfect because the weather was just starting to feel a little like fall.

To make it fun, I punched it up with this neon bag and the pink platform sandals, as well as curling my hair in a way that rarely happens because it takes 100 years to do. I briefly panicked that I had gone into Farrah Fawcett territory with the curls, but overall I liked how it turned out (and the guy at the theater restaurant flirting with me certainly helped boost the confidence)!

I am SO ready for fall, and the next show!



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  1. You look gorgeous hun!!! That dress is amazing on you. Going to watch a play is a great reason to dress up. It's a play come on, play scream elegance and glamorous outfits. Love you for it.

    Hugs & Love


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