Mad About [Mixing] Plaid

5:13 PM

Hi hello again!

So this is my second and final post from my vacation a week and a half ago. (I know. Sad.) Our third day of the road trip took us from Providence over to Narragansett Beach, which is located south of Jamestown and Newport. It's a pretty cute little city with the most random over-the-road fortress and lots of great places to eat.

Let me just say that I somehow end up at the ocean at the most seasonally inappropriate times of the year. My travel buddy and I were at the Outer Banks in March (meaning hella cold) and then in New England in October. I know, I know. We're weirdos who like the ocean too much.

This outfit was absolutely perfect for traversing the beach. The day itself was kind of warm (in the mid-60's) so the plaid shirt underneath was lightweight and perfect for wearing when we weren't near the water. But for the ocean breezes, this freakin-adorable-I-just-love-it mustard and black buffalo check jacket was the perfect protector from the cold. Layering plaid-on-plaid is one of my favorite tricks because it can be so much fun without a lot of thought process put into it. What was really new about this combo was that I didn't really stick to my normal rule of a single color carrying through on both pieces. Instead I decided to mix two contrasting colors from the color wheel--purple and yellow--and I loved the result!! So much fun to do something that you don't normally do, and what a better excuse than a vacation to do it? (It also means if you hate it that maybe 1-2 people you know saw you wearing it and the rest are strangers who you'll likely never encounter again.)

My pro tip on this one? If you're going to get crazy with the pattern/color play, give it the spotlight with neutrals in the rest of your outfit. Here, I let the plaid be mad and put on some gray jeans and boots. Then of course I popped in a crazy "hun bun," which by the way is my new favorite trend ever, some dark lipstick, and these SUPER ADORABLE neon yellow Loren Hope earrings I got from Rocksbox.

These earrings are so pretty! I love my second Rocksbox set. It has these earrings, a totally covetable Kendra Scott necklace in midnight blue, and a gold geometric ring. I think my curator kind of knows my soul based on these picks. I had to lay off the earrings for a bit because I forgot I'm allergic to nickel (make sure you share these things with your curator, folks!) and they kind of caused some problems with my ears. Definitely nothing that's Rocksbox's fault, but something for me to remember for my next set.

Not using Rocksbox yet? It's basically the best curated jewelry service, well, EVER. And if you're not and want to try it out, use code LEGALLYCHARMINGSTYLEXOXO to get your first month free!*

See ya next time!



*Disclosure: As compensation for discussing Rocksbox in my blog, I received my first free months of the service for free. For each referral I make I get points towards continuation of the free service and/or other gifts. However, all opinions about the service and the pieces sent to me are my own. 

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  1. This is amazing. Love the sot of the ocean. This is great and your coat is amazing.

    Hugs & Love


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