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10:37 PM

Summer is drawing to a close, guys! How crazy is that?

I've been off the grid these last few weeks as I 1) finished the bar exam; 2) went on a weekend trip away; 3) moved the next day; 4) drove from Baltimore to Texas immediately after; and 5) was in one of my best friend's weddings. So as you can imagine, I have been sleeping and recovering from a lot of fun and a lot of activity! 

I wore this look the Friday before the bar to go out with friends for a night of eating mac and cheese and drinking blackberry mules. (Needless to say I really needed all of that!) This dress had just arrived in the mail that day from Boohoo and I was dying to put it on. It's so cute and comfy, guys!! I just discovered Boohoo last month, and needless to say I'm in love. This dress fit me perfectly and so did everything else I got, and I have been nonstop carrying the mini-backpack I bought. They're affordable and the clothes are actually pretty good quality. 

I paired it with this fun floral J. Crew cap I picked up at a swap meet and a comfortable pair of white sneakers, and was able to laugh with my friends with minimal sweating and maximum comfort. Now, granted, I totally spilled the mac and cheese on my dress like five minutes before shooting this (thus the hat and leg placement, haha), but that's my life for you!!

So happy to be back with y'all, and hope to share more looks soon!



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