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1:04 PM

Confession time, folks: I love 90's action movies.

No really. A guilty pleasure night might or might not involve a trifecta marathon of Jurassic Park, Independence Day, and Twister. Yes, I'm weird. But it will probably explain why I was so damn excited to see Jurassic World and had to get tickets THE DAY IT CAME OUT. I've only been waiting for years for this. (It also may have motivated me to finally get Jurassic Park on DVD--I had the VHS for many, many years.)

So it probably makes sense that when I was getting dressed on Friday morning to go run errands before the movie, I put on these banana palm shorts and chambray shorts. It was subconscious really: I bought the shorts the day before (On sale! $15! Thanks, Old Navy!), so I had to wear them. Then I wanted to be warmer in the theater, so a chambray shirt seemed logical. Then the bracelet because I was going to wear black sandals.

Only after it was all together did I realize that I looked like I was getting ready to go play tourist at Jurassic World. Palm printed shorts, chambray shirt, bracelet that looked like sharp dinosaur teeth. Talk about dressing for a theme. I'm not sure that it would be Dr. Ellie Sattler approved (I think she'd prefer I at least change the sandals out for boots and socks), and doubtlessly I'd be made fun of by Chris Pratt for wearing patent sandals if I were the female lead, but as Ellie says in Jurassic Park, "we can discuss sexism in survival situations when I get back." #feministhero

And in case you couldn't guess...I loved the movie. Go check it out, y'all! 



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