Spring Forward

5:58 PM

Welcome back!

So last week I took the week off after the riots happened. It didn't quite feel right writing about fashion and style and bargains when there was such a major political moment happening in my city.

But now I'm back, showing off a look I wore a few weeks ago!

So this outfit came out on a casual Friday when I was attending a staff luncheon at work. Normally Fridays call for jeans. But y'all, I'd been dying to break out this dress and these wedges, and it was finally warm enough to put them together. This striped dress is a comfy t-shirt dress I bought on thrift for $7 and has been the best deal ever. It's soft and kind of like wearing pajamas outside. The wedges I bought at the end of last summer and only got a few opportunities to wear them before the fall set it and it was too cold.

To make it denim Friday, I threw on a denim jacket. And just for the sake of pattern mixing, I put the scarf on, too. Sometimes you need a punch of color right up near your face, and this was it for me. (Yes, I'm aware this scarf was in last week's post, too, and I said something similar. But I really, really love this scarf. It's an obsession.) I loved sitting out on the patio with my co-workers feeling the sun while eating cheesecake.

So how much did this cute little look cost me?

Jean Jacket-$16


What's your spring go-to?



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