Workwear Wednesday: Professional Without Wearing Black!

7:27 PM

Jacket: JC Penney (similar here-on sale!) | Dress: TEN (love this one!) | Purse: c/o  Coach (budget option here) | Necklace: handmade gift (similar here) | Shoes: Target (similar here)

Happy Workwear Wednesday, guys!! 

I figured it was high time I revived these workwear posts since summer is coming and that's like literally the WORST time to try and get dressed for work in a conservative office. The worst. It's hot and miserable outside but it's cold inside and there's too much happening.

But I'm here to help!

I think one of the easiest ruts to fall into when you work in a conservative office is wearing black. All the time. Like all.the.time. I'm constantly guilty of wearing a black dress, a black suit, black shoes, ALL THE BLACK ALL THE TIME. Because it matches, and it's easy, and no one questions it. 

So I decided last week I was going to challenge myself to put together a workwear look without wearing a single shred of black anywhere on my body. 

And guys, it was damn hard. But I did it!

I picked up this soft jersey dress at the TEN Shopping Event a few weekends ago and the second I put it on I felt like a powerful boss babe! Bonus-it's jersey. Super bonus-it has POCKETS. Yes, I found the golden ticket of work dresses here, folks. It's awesome. 

I paired it with this jacquard olive blazer I picked up on clearance while shopping with my sister for new professional clothes. This blazer looks pulled together without being too stuffy. It has a closure at the front but I think it looks really great open! It's almost like a cool moto jacket your boss doesn't say a single word about. ;) 

For the finishing touches, I threw on a long silver necklace, added a pop of color with my bordeaux Coach purse, and finished it off with cognac pumps. Yes, there are technically about four different colors going on here, but they pull together in such a way that looks coordinated and professional without being stuffy. 

What kind of work looks would you like to see here on the blog? Tell me about it below!



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